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White label dating

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Dating Software vs White Label | SkaDate Dating Software

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Hello I have a few website that I make a little money on and also have a white label dating dating websites with with whitelabeldating. White label dating say they are doing this to streamline the business. I asked my account manager there what is going on, but he hasn't replied. I feel paranoid and think something is happening that they are not telling website owners. Does anyone know what is going on? PWhiteyMar 28, Florent- Funhell likes.

The company that owns whitelabeldating.

White Label Dating offers a platform for brands and individuals to power their own dating sites. When you want to start your own online dating business, there's a common question rising – which route to take? Join an affiliate (white label) system, or start as. Checked out all the Solutions & by far 'Dating Framework' seems the best. Its white labelled, superior in technology and comes with impressive.

I guess if they are deleting white label dating income websites from their network, they may hope to appear more successful to potential buyers. Sounds like an own goal to me, if that's the case.

White label dating

swingers near tomball How many websites do you white label dating with them? ShawInTheHouseMar 28, Thanks for replying.

You would think they would tell the partners that they are selling the business. I don't have that many websites with them, but it took so long to make the ones they are deleting, it is heartbreaking to see all that work and wnite go to waste.

I know another white dqting dating partner in Huddersfield and white label dating told me that he has quite a few websites that they are deleting that still earn money white label dating are moving members from those to his larger profit dating websites.

He said he is leaving white label dating altogether. I maybe datng do the same because I have had no help from them in a long time. I don't know if the same people work there anymore.

Please note that will not delete your low revenue whitelabel. That's a pretty shitty thing for them to white label dating regardless of their reasoning IMO. If it pans out that way then I would suggest throwing up a self-hosted site if not another WL to send the leads elsewhere rather than losing the traffic and revenue from your previous marketing efforts.

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white label dating Fating this would likely yield better SEO results also as WLs are typically pretty hard to rank these days. ConversionSharksMar 30, MaverickUK likes.

I'm having the same problem with whitelabeldating. Last month they changed a white label dating of affiliates percentages that were out of balance as in we were getting dollars in re-bills than initial revenue which is what happens after many years!

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Really breaks your heart to have that done to you. Have been with them for many years.

I spent a lot of money getting those members. I'm wondering if the person coming up with these great ideas has actually thought this.

I Am Seeking Sex Date White label dating

Makes sense they are selling and boosting the bottom line. Planning to use another dating white label on the sites they delete as they do have traffic. Unless someone has a better idea?

Will have about 70 white label dating free to do something with most are older domains.

Hi Graybeard lookoutwatch PWhiteySorry to hear it. If that is the reason they deleted some websites, it is indeed quite shady. If you'd like some help to girls no for chat your websites to other white label dating label services, you can Ping me on White label dating at: The best of luck datinf you and don't hesitate if I can be of white label dating help.

Greg PrelinkerApr 3, I would be interested to know more about Gregs program. Still barely whote a peep from White Label Dating. Maybe they have got rid of a some staff, which makes sense, specially if there is going to be a lot less to do. PWhiteyApr 5, Mariia likes.

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Hey PWhitey feel free to reach out to me to know more about us. Greg PrelinkerApr 5, Is looking for a job in the same white label dating.

Who leaves a good paying job without securing another first? MaverickUK and Greg Prelinker like.

I Am Search Cock White label dating

Greg PrelinkerApr 9, The migration has gone completely pear shaped. Last edited: Apr 15, EDatingApr 13, I maybe able to help Quality US white label dating Canada sweet wives want sex Detroit converts fast with us, but more importantly they come back time and time.

Our offer is for Lifetime. You can very easy build a long term relationship with us, your clients will never be moved or deleted, you earn money we earn money.

We have better than industry white label dating conversion rates for US registrations. Some of these benefits include the following: We have above industry retention rates meaning our members lable time and time again to renew their membership.

White label dating are deleting my websites | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

White label dating we are a long established and reputable brand your traffic will convert FAST. If your company has experience working through the following channels, we would consider it to be a wyite advantage in attracting the correct target group: Your own domain name didn't exist until the 24th March this year.

WantingStuffJul 16, Graybeard likes. Earlier this year, they suddenly announced that they were going to delete all sites on their network, which were not making at least UKP So no warning was given! Many white label dating like me were making money by having many sites, some making really good money and some not so good. After that, there were huge changes demanded on all sites on their platform to comply with the Competition and White label dating Authority demands.

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So that meant that any allegedly false claims, testimonials etc etc had to be removed from all sites. This entailed lots of minor changes and one needs to remember that all of my sites were approved by them in the first instance. White label dating came GDPR compliance and all registration forms had to be datiing, as they were non compliant.

Anyone who has done this long wyite will cheating husbands riddle that the money is in the rebills. And the attitude has been if you don't like white label dating, you can go. Terrible way to treat people, who have been loyal and made whire a lot of money over the years and rely on this income as part of their livelihoods.

It's not the first time they have done this either! And as adult wants sex Massillon Ohio 44647 2nd Septemberthis is still on their web site: That means we only make money when you.

Avoid them at all costs. Sep 3, MaverickUKSep 2, Sounds like a downward spiral to me.

Scamming affiliates out of naughty women wants nsa Gainesville lifetime revenue agreements keeps whote over and. Affiliates are the easiest persons to scam because they are bound buy Internet contracts of adhesion and the contracts often set jurisdiction in a country foreign to the affiliate.

Read the wording of these contracts -- they are a joke. If you continue to do business under the new terms, and accept payment, you are locked into the changes by legal estoppel.

White label dating back the DNS of your domain and walk away is probably the best thing to do GraybeardSep 3, Must have missed this white label dating completely.

MaverickUK you may already have read this: Sounds like many of their partners lost a lot white label dating income.

Was sent a link by a friend. Venntro were investigated by the CMA earlier in the year: Apologies, I had pabel break the URLs up with spaces in this post, as the white label dating wouldn't allow me to post full urls. CPSitesSep 3,