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Looking for a sugar grandma

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SUGAR GRANDMA (@sugargrandmastore) • Instagram photos and videos

You might even have enough sex to have another kid. It would be glorious! Healthy breakfasts?

Followers, 21 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from SUGAR GRANDMA (@sugargrandmastore). Not what you're looking for? Try Sex with older woman · Homemade Christmas Gifts · weight loss help? Will a lollipop a day rot my teeth? Political. Grandmother of four, Carolyn Hartz, turns 70 next month. gave up all the sweet stuff for a year so she could get her blood sugar under control.

What are those? Balanced meal, energy for the day, and everything else we were told as kids? My mother once fed the boys an entire package of bacon for breakfast.

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Are we going to give them that, too? Every time I turn around, some child is smacking their lips with a cheek full of the stuff.

They look like squirrels getting a spearmint fix. Apparently, for Grandma, there is no wrong time for gum.

Time for gum!

Just finished breakfast at 8 a. Wash down that bacon with spearmint, kids! Our kids would never have to eat their dinner in order to get dessert.

And second, when the hell did she start carrying so much gum?! All that stuff about sugar will fly right out the window. Remember how you begged for the Twix bar while standing in line at the grocery store as a kid?

Well, be prepared for the craziness that is Grandma. Double Big Gulp Cherry Coke for the 9-year-old?

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No problem! The king-size Snickers? Of course, sweetheart. There would be no bedtimes.

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Who needs sleep? Manic assholes over breakfast are fun.

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They keep things lively. Had a bad day at summer camp? Did Mom tell you no ice cream?

Time for a trip to the toy department at Target! What do you mean all the batteries in your toys have died?

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A lifetime supply of batteries for everyone! Thanks, Mom. You get toys! And you get toys. Everyone gets toys!

You know the one. That thing your child talks about or does so often that you think your head spun around in a degree turn the last time they did it in your presence.

Foam may or may not have spewed from your mouth. In granndma defense, hearing about Minecraft for the zillionth time — before lunch — is enough to hot big bob anyone crazy. But Grandma just loooooves it. Your kids will see you get schooled by your own mom.

The kids sometimes forget that Grandma is also Mom — until, of course, she schools you in front of. Are you granvma going to eat that?

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Are you sure you want to wear that shirt? On the first day of her visit.

I let her get away with spoiling them w because I know my day is coming. Come hell or high water, I will have grandchildren of my own to spoil.

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